Power My Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, USB. Solar Pak ™

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Solar Pak ™ v2

The Solar Pak ™ is the perfect phone solar charger for your small electric devices. Free yourself from the main grid, and charge your devices with solar energy.

Power my smartphone.

Power my usb device.

Power my iPhone.

Simply charge the Golden Child Solar Pak ™ v2 via USB and top up with sun light to have a great renewable energy supply for your device on the move.

Grab yourself some swag with a Golden Child Solar Pak ™ bag to house your solar rechargeable battery on the go.



(English) Golden Child Solar Pak ™ Manual (.pdf)


Solar Pak ™ Specifications


  • Battery Type: Highest Quality & Safety Lithium-Polymer
  • Power Capacity: 2800mAh/3.7V
  • Solar Panel (Mono-Crystalline Silicon): 5.5V/110mA
  • Rated Input: DC 5V/500mA
  • Rated Output: USB 5V/2000mA
  • Dimension – Product : 104 x 61 x 11mm.
  • Dimension – Packaging: 183 x 131 x 35mm
  • Weight – Product: 96g
  • Weight – Product + packaging: 200g
  • Charging time:
  • Through Solar Panel: 13-16 hours (under full sunlight conditions)
  • Through USB input port: 3-4 hours


  • 1 x cell phone tips (Mini  USB)
  • 1 x USB charging cable.


Solar Pak ™ F.A.Q.

Q. Can I charge my phone connected to theSolar Pak ™ in the sunlight?

A. An empty Solar Pak ™ needs to be replenished first in the sun or via a mains before it is able to charge any USB device. The Solar Pak ™ is a bank reserve of power and can be topped up using the solar technology in sunlight.


Q. What do the LED lights on Solar Pak ™ show?

A. They show the level of charge on the Solar Pak ™ . For example : 1 LED = 10%-30%, 2 LED’s = 31-70% and 3 LED’s = 71-100%


Q. How can I see how much power is in the Solar Pak ™?

A. Push the button on the front of the Solar Pak ™ and refer to the LED lights.


Q. What does the small red light mean?

A. It shows the Solar Pak ™ is being charged by the solar panel or via the USB output. It is very efficient and will charge even with small levels of light.


Q. What if the accessory I need is not included with Solar Pak ™?

A. You are able to still use Solar Pak ™ as long as your device has a charging cable, either to be plugged in the USB or mini USB port. It can still power your device.


Charge your USB device anywhere with a Solar Pak ™

Fed up of your smartphone or tablet running out of battery while you're out?

With the Golden Child Solar Pak ™ you can RECHARGE ANYWHERE.

A sleek, light weight rechargeable battery that holds charge and uses solar technology to replenish itself. The Golden Child Solar Pak ™ can recharge USB powered devices such as:

Apple iPhone

Apple iPad


Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Tablet

HTC Androids

Sony PSP

Digital Cameras

GPS systems


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